Wallpaper Growth

Wallpaper Growth

Digital Wallpaper by fabrikmura and david longstaffe.

Digital wallpaper by Longstaffe gallery can help give a modern feel to any room in your house and commercial space, with modern designs, styles and different textures. Fabrikmura contemporary wallpaper designs are perfect as living room wallpaper, bedroom wallpaper, or even as a feature wall wallpaper at home and corporate settings.

David Longstaffe extended his photography skills in 2008 and introduced canvas and wallpaper with a 1.6m printer, the business has now grown and david has developed a unique digital wallpaper collection called fabrikmura.

We use only the highest grade of wallpaper that ticks every possible sustainable requirement and the latest water-based inks from HP called latex inks.

Canvas Highest Quality

Canvas Highest Quality

Why does Longstaffe gallery print with two types of canvas?

Its not a completely straight forward answer however we will set out the core details below. Obviously being from a photographic background working for clients such as OK magazine, Hello magazine, Marriott, Santander and BBC, image quality is the number one objective, in photography terms this is measured be sharpness and vivid colours but skin colour and tone needs the widest colour range.

Then there is contrast and this needs to be clean, to achieve great contrast with smooth tones, its essential to have a photographic black in and two lighter blacks, this means that other colours don’t need to be used to lighten the black.

Then there is price and so the trade off begins, so to maximise the best image print qualities but keep the cost down, Longstaffe gallery use a 220 GSM canvas with one coat of UV varnish.

220 GSM Canvas for all purpose high quality printing.

For the maximum colour space and dynamic range with full ink loading, Longstaffe gallery print their archive quality range on a cotton based 440 GSM Canvas with two coats of UV and Anti Scratch protection.

440 gsm Canvas for the highest grade of canvas printing that’s fully protected.

Check out our new lower prices.

Marriott & LongstaffeGallery

Marriott & LongstaffeGallery

In 2012 David Thomas who was the GM at Liverpool Marriott commissioned a 22ft wallpaper along with other canvas and framed prints for around the hotel.

During 2015 Ludwig Duweke took over as GM at Liverpool Marriott as David Thomas moved overseas to pursue his career on hotel management and hospitality. Ludwig extended the relationship with Marriott Hotels and David Longstaffe Photographer when he invested in several floors having new canvas artworks by Longstaffe gallery.

Gareth Marsh took over at Liverpool Marriott and the hotel owners and Marriott group took the decision to invest in a full hotel refurbishment. Again, Longstaffe gallery was commissioned to design artworks for 300 rooms and two large wallpapers in the bar and stairs area.

We were involved at every stage of planning, all canvas were printed and manufactured at Longstaffe Gallery 387 – 393 Edge Lane Liverpool. L7 9LQ. Gareth Marsh was delighted that we completed every floor on time and to price and quality specification.

The wallpaper was by fabrikmura and printed in house using the HP 360 Latex printer.

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